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My Secret Place: Summer Swimming Hole

There are a few secret swimming holes along Cattail Creek where I live in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  There is nothing greater on a hot summers day that coming upon one of these hidden swimming holes and going in for a cooling swim.  The wind is blowing softly, and the roar of the creek allow me to forget all the worlds troubles.  I love living in and being surrounded by the forest.

I start out by working from a photograph, painting or sketch of a landscape that I am inspired by.  Glass layers are created using various forms of crushed glass, fused separately in a kiln, stacked all together and fused again in the kiln so that it becomes one thick piece of glass with a lot of depth.  I carefully grind the exterior edges smooth and then place it back in the kiln to slump it over a form which will give is shape and movement.

Each of my landscape pieces are two are excactly alike.

Dimensions:  6"L X 5.25"H X 0.25" Thick - Slumped into an outward curve shape

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