My New YouTube and Patreon Video Tutorial Series

I am excited about the start of a new adventure.....creating YouTube Video Tutorials and Patreon Video Tutorials.  I enjoyed creating live streams and videos for our local craft guilds virtual events at the end of much so that I decided to keep on creating them.

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There is a treasure trove of techniques and projects that I am planning on covering in my video tutorials.  The very first series will be strictly on glass powders and all of the projects will just focused on all the different ways to create with glass powders.  Some experimenting will be happening throughout all my video series.  Experimenting is one thing I have tried to instill in all of my students in the past and I hope you can join me on this journey.

The link for the first video....which is FREE.....on my YouTube channel is below.  Please subscribe if you like what you see and give me a thumbs up!

Glass Powder Topics I - Part 1 Exploring Binders Mediums Flux & Plasticizers for Modeling Glass or Clay

PDF of materials & sources discussed in the video

Here is a list of fused glass topics that I will be creating video series on in the near future.

  • Intensive Beginners Fused Glass
  • Pate de Verre
  • Lidded Cast Glass Boxes
  • Landscapes in Glass
  • Painting with Light - Fused Glass Mosaics & Imagery
  • Glass Powder Topics
  • Glass Enamel & Paint Topics
  • Mystic Vessels - Intro to Drop-Out Vessels
  • Exploring Shape & Form - Expanding the Drop-Out Vessel
  • Bas Relief - What Can Be Done with Kiln Carving
  • Strip Construction - The Basics
  • Strip Construction - Expanding the Limits
  • The Flow-Out - How Many Ways Can We Go
  • Freeze & Fuse - Creating 3D Forms with Glass Powders
  • Mold Making for Glass Casting
  • Lost Wax & Hollow Core Casting
  • Organic Burnout Glass Casting
  • Scratching the Surface Techniques
  • Basic Coldworking - With & Without Machines
  • Deep Forms - Not Just Another Vessel
  • Designing and Incorporating Pattern Sheets
  • Glass Pendants - To Bling or Not to Bling
  • Designing Float Glass Hanging Tree Panels
  • Enamels on Glass - Exploring The Options Out There
  • Principles of Design - Image Making Series

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