Multi-Day & Personalized Kilnformed Glass Workshops

I teach a multitude of techniques to students that have no fused glass experience through to professional artists wanting to explore their ideas and work with a different technique.  Classes can be a single day, once a week or month, or consecutive days.  If you live locally, we can breakup a multiple day workshop into 1 day/week or month to accomodate your needs.

Cost for classes that teach basic techniques are listed below.  My daily rate for teaching personalized workshops in my studio, where you focus on specific or a combination of techniques, ranges from $200/day/student (2 or more students) to $250/day (one student).  Rates for teaching at your facility is $500/day (up to 10 students in a class).

If you would like to join me in my studio OR would like me to teach a workshop for your group on any of the kilnformed glass techniques listed below, OR for a full description of the class you are interested in, please feel free to contact me directly and we can discuss further.

Intensive Beginners Fused Glass - 4 days - $725.00

This class will start you off with a sound technical foundation so that you can start building your skills in fused glass in order to design and produce successful outcomes with your glass.

Each of the 4 days is intended to build upon the previous days skills.  The information provided, and the skills taught and practiced, will build from one day to the next! This 4-day Intensive Workshopprovides you with the all important “technical and skills foundation” with which to explore and advance your interests in Glass!

This concentrated “Learning Opportunity” will allow you to experience, in-depth, the many facets of working with glass. We will have ample time to develop and practice new techniques; to create projects; and for you to be part of the entire process from creating to fusing!

Please join us for this comprehensive and fun learning experience!


Luscious Pate de Verre - 3-5 days - $600.00 to $1000.00

Pate de verre is a widely varied art form.  The glass kiln casting technique of Pate de verre, literally translated from French it means paste of glass. The process includes creating a model, making a mold, placing thin layers of powdered or glass frit within the mold, and then firing the piece in a kiln. We will be working with open faced molds and discussing and working with exact color placement and sculptural possibilities that pate de verre offers.  Length of class depends on types of projects taught during the workshop.  The longer the class, the more variation of forms covered.


Cast & Constructed Lidded Glass Boxes  - 5 days - $1100.00

In this workshop you will learn various techniques to create several lidded cast & constructed thick-walled kilnformed glass containers or boxes. We will explore the tools, materials, and techniques involved using crushed glass, murrine cane, and sheet glass to create various versions of a box.


Landscapes in Glass - 3 or 5 days

There are a few options for creating landscapes in glass which depend on how many days you select, your experience level, and the types of landscapes you would like to focus on creating. 

3 Day Workshop - Basic Intro to Landscapes in Glass - $750.00

In this 3 day workshop, we will focus on creating components for backgrounds, trees and branches and painting with enamels to create your landscapes during the first day.  The second day will be spent assembling your landscapes which will include a single layer and a thick multi-layer landscape.  The third day will be spent grinding and polishing (coldworking) your thick landscape.


5 Day Workshop - A Sense of Place: Intro to Working Thick & Creating Depth with Kiln-Fired Glass - $1100.00

During this 5-day introduction workshop, students will create a several kilnformed landscapes that evokes space, depth, and emotional connection to a place.  All projects are selected by the intructor.  All projects are thick multi-layered with multiple firings.  Coldworking (grinding, polishing) and firing polishing the pieces in the kiln will be part of the workshop.


5 Day Personalized Workshop - A Sense of Place: The Next Step - $1250.00

Since this is a personalized workshop, we will be focusing on creating work that you are inspired by.  This class is meant to be the next step if you have already taken my introduction to landscapes class.  I work with you on a one-on-one basis working with techniques that you are interested in.


Painting with Light - Fused Glass Mosaics - 3 Days - $650.00

A three day introductory workshop in mosaic and fused glass techniques.  This class has been specifically designed for Mosaic Artists looking to explore the possibilities of Fused Glass Mosaics; and for those students having little to no experience in working with fused glass and wish to explore the world of Mosaics. Learn the traditional Mosaic Techniques and work with Fused Glass to achieve a similar artful result.


The Wonderful World of Exploration in Glass Powders - 5 Days - $1100.00

Working with glass powders will open up a whole new world for you in kilnformed glass.  Once you learn all the variations of form that can be created using glass powders, you will never go back.  You will walk away with a selection of finished pieces and components to be added to future projects in your own studio.  During this workshop we will cover a medley of techniques ranging from the abstract to realism:

  • screen printing with glass powders
  • layered sgraffito technique with glass powders & enamels
  • palette knife technique & wet powder technique
  • powder wafers components using stencils (single & multi-layer), plaster/silica molds
  • compressed powder imagery
  • freeze & fuse components
  • Glass clay forms and components
  • ultra-thin pressed glass vessels


Exploring the World of Glass Clay & Enamels

Mystic Vessels - Intro to Drop-Out Vessels

Exploring Size & Shapes - Expanding the Drop-Out Vessel Form

Bas Relief - What Can Be Done with Kiln Carving

Strip Construction - The Basics

Strip Construction - Expanding the Limits

The Flow-Out - How Many Ways Can We Go

Creating 3D Forms with Glass Powders

Mold Making for Glass Casting

Lost Wax & Hollow Core Casting

Organic Burnout Glass Casting

Scratching the Surface Techniques

Basic Coldworking - With & Without Machines

Deep Forms - Not Just Another Vessel

Designing and Incorporating Pattern Sheets

Glass Pendants - To Bling or Not to Bling

Designing Float Glass Hanging Tree Panels

Enamels on Glass - Exploring The Options Out There

Principles of Design - Image Making Series