Personalized Workshops

I teach a multitude of techniques to students ranging from never working with glass to professional artists wanting to explore their ideas and work with a different technique.  Classes can be a single day, once a week or month, or consecutive days.  If you live locally, we can breakup a multiple day workshop into 1 day/week or month to accomodate your needs.

My daily rate for teaching in my studio ranges from $200/day/student (2 or more students) to $250/day (one student).  Rates for teaching at your facility is $500/day (up to 10 students in a class).

If you would like to join me in my studio OR would like me to teach a workshop for your group on any of the kilnformed glass techniques listed below, OR for a full description of the class you are interested in, please feel free to contact me directly and we can discuss further.

Intensive Beginners Fused Glass - 4 days


Luscious Pate de Verre - 3-5 days


Lidded Glass Boxes  - 5 days


Landscapes in Glass - 2 - 5 days


Painting with Light - Fused Glass Mosaics & Imagery  

The Wonderful World of Exploration in Glass Powders

Exploring the World of Glass Clay & Enamels

Mystic Vessels - Intro to Drop-Out Vessels

Exploring Size & Shapes - Expanding the Drop-Out Vessel Form

Bas Relief - What Can Be Done with Kiln Carving

Strip Construction - The Basics

Strip Construction - Expanding the Limits

The Flow-Out - How Many Ways Can We Go

Creating 3D Forms with Glass Powders

Mold Making for Glass Casting

Lost Wax & Hollow Core Casting

Organic Burnout Glass Casting

Scratching the Surface Techniques

Basic Coldworking - With & Without Machines

Deep Forms - Not Just Another Vessel

Designing and Incorporating Pattern Sheets

Glass Pendants - To Bling or Not to Bling

Designing Float Glass Hanging Tree Panels

Enamels on Glass - Exploring The Options Out There

Principles of Design - Image Making Series