Cast Glass Boxes

These beautiful cast glass boxes are functionally versatile. We offer them in various sizes and colors.

Lidded boxes:  Perfect as a jewelry (trinkets, rings, earrings, pendants) or small collectibles box.  There are several sizes of the lidded boxes to choose from.  All lids fit each particular box and you have a choice of either a plain lid or a lid with a knob.  All the boxes with acorn knobs are cast by Amanda Taylor using lead-free pewter.

Open boxes:   Around The House - Votive & Tealight Candle Holders; Plant Containers - Air Plants, Succulent Planters, Silk Plants

Lidded Salt Cellars:  Each salt cellar comes with a handmade Cherry wood tiny spoon made by Johnathan's Spoons.  Keep salt at a pinch's length with this simple salt cellar. The cellar is small to not take up too much counter space but large enough for your fingers.

Glass Boxes - Lidded
Glass Boxes - Lidded from $80.00
Cast Glass Salt Cellars
Cast Glass Salt Cellars $70.00
Glass Boxes - No Lid
Glass Boxes - No Lid from $45.00