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Riverside Winter Sunset

As the winter sun sets in this riverside forest, the color of the sky is reflected in the calm water.  The wind is blowing softly, the air is crisp, and the soft crunching of the snow beneath my feet as I take in the glorious splendor.  I love living in and being surrounded by the forest.

I start out by working from a photograph, painting or sketch of a landscape that I am inspired by.  Glass layers are created using various forms of crushed glass, fused separately in a kiln, stacked all together and fused again in the kiln so that it becomes one thick piece of glass with a lot of depth.  I carefully grind the exterior edges smooth and then place it back in the kiln to slump it over a form which will give is shape and movement.

Each of my landscape pieces are two are excactly alike.

Dimensions:  6"L X 5.25"H X 0.25" Thick - Slumped into an inward curve shape

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