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Glass Powder Topics Book I - Exploring the World of Glass Clay

Glass Powder Topics Book I delves into a whole new angle of working with glass clay. My first eBook takes inspiration from ultra-thin vessels and nature, with patterns that recall rock striations, plant & flower designs, overhead views of landscapes, mushroom forms, and delicate scrolls. 

I take you on my journey of discovering new ways of working with this malleable material and my process of solving issues encountered. Carefully detailed step-by-step instructions take you through the mixing, roll-out, drying, firing, and manipulation of each project, including some variations on them.

Suitable for all levels of experience, Glass Powder Topics Book Icontains 129 pages of comprehensive instructions, almost a plethora of photos and resources, and complete firing schedules in Fahrenheit for all the samples and projects. For converting into Celcius and Celcius/hr, I have included a link to an App that will do this for you. Many of the projects are the right size for smaller kilns, but all are easily adapted to any size piece.