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Modeling Glass Liquid Medium Refill 4oz. Jar

Modeling Glass Liquid Medium Refill 4oz. Jar - For use with Modeling Glass Powdered Binder.  No instructions are included with the refills but you can download them HERE.
Modeling Glass is easy to use and gives artists a whole new way to work with hand-sculpted shapes! Transform powdered glass into a firm, non-sticky material like clay! No molds or freezing required.
Combine liquid medium with water, frit and powdered binder (both sold separately) to become a workable, non-sticky clay-like consistency. Once combined create coils, roll flat, cut out shapes, or press into silicone molds!  Sand, carve, and modify until you achieve the perfect effect; most details remain during tack fusing.
During firing, the binder and medium will burn away, and do not affect the compatibility of the glass. It can be used with either COE 90 or 96 glass or Fusible float glass, and at full-fuse temperatures, colors remain true.

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