Pulled An All Nighter

Fall is Here  Fern Back Lite  Wecome to Oakta Glass Studio  

We are definitely well into the fall season.  Trees are looking pretty bare up here on the mountain at 4000 feet.  A little bit of rain is forecast for the next few days but that means it is a perfect time to pump out the work in the studio AND get my website up to snuff.

Yesterday I was up at 4:30am so I could start finishing off my online shop on my new website.  I finally finished, the majority of it anyway, at 4:30am this morning....that meant I was up for 24 hours.  Yikes....just a little tired this morning.  I did get up at 8:30am.  Am I crazy?

BUT....I am very proud of my new online shop and website. Planning on adding more over the next few weeks to the online shop as well as starting to post classes.   Please check out what I have created and I appreciate any feedback as I move forward.

Southern Highland Craft Guild's 2nd Virtual Craft Fair starts today.....hence the push with my website and online shop.....and ends on Sunday.  There is a lot of great work online.

SHCG Virtual Fair - Nov 12-15, 2020

Happy Fall and Happy Shopping!  ❤

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